Today, Ghettoblaster is proud to premiere the single “Oh Mother”. Inspired by her relationship with her own mother, Jackson’s opus is haunting and deeply moving.
— Ghettoblaster Magazine
I like Emily Jackson, in part, because she is coming to her own...[this became] the basis of our interview and a subtle realization; your talent does not define who you are, but who you are defines your talent.
— Diandra Reviews It All
“[Jackson] releases a nice cinematic and grand pop song that I got stuck for immediately. Nice and dramatically performed and powerful, rhythmic arrangement...It feels like a cross between Imogen Heap and Florence + The Machine .”
“Oh Mother” ... the song that is absolutely gorgeous. Sounds of crashing waves and a robust feel brought on by reverb in the vocals brings this track into ballad territory, and we are all about it.
— Imperfect Fifth
‘ “Oh Mother” is a stellar revival for the young artist, who speaks right to the deepest, most vulnerable parts of the soul on this track through haunting vocals and magical production that pulls listeners through the depths of a glistening sonic ocean.”
— Music Notes Global